Thursday, August 29, 2013

L'Occitane HAUL video is coming up soon!

Hi, everyone!

Hope you are well.

I'm uploading another video (it is my third video, wohoo!) onto my YouTube vlog channel. This one is about a few products I bought at L'Occitane boutique, I love products from this brand. You can view this video here L'Occitane HAUL | Tatikprice

Hope you will enjoy it! Please let me know your thoughts, do you like products featured in the video? Thank you!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

First Vlog video on YouTube

Wohoo, I finally overcame my shyness and shot and uploaded my first YouTube video! It has been raining here on the eastern edge of London all day today - I could not expect any other weather - it is a Bank holiday weekend in England!

I have many great ideas for future videos, some are beauty-related, some are to do with my life and interests I have.

You can find my first video here:

Thank you for watching! Hope you like it! Please feel free to leave a comment, Like or subscribe to my channel. Also, if you have any requests or suggestions for future videos please leave them in the Comments section!

My best wishes,


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Very tasty cherry scones

I have not been well for the last week or so - it is that time of the year for catching unpleasant cold/flu viruses. I got a bit bored staying indoors all day, sleeping, drinking lots and lots of ginger, lemon and honey tea, reading, today I thought I will do something "useful" and bake some nice cherry scones my big sis made last summer. Mmmmm, the aroma of these little beauties has spread around the house. I just had two! They are so more-ish! And soooo easy to make!

So here comes the recipe:

Very tasty cherry scones

850g flour
30g sugar
285g butter
180ml milk
180ml buttermilk (I used yoghurt)
2 eggs
40g baking powder
170g dried sour cherry
1tbsp lemon zest
pinch of salt (I did not add any as I used salted butter)

Just mix flour, sugar, baking powder with butter until it becomes sort of crumbly. Then add cherries, mix well, add lightly whisked eggs, milk and buttermilk (yoghurt) bit by bit, and lemon zest goes in too. You will end up with lumpy dough. It needs to stand in the fridge for half an hour or 40 minutes, then rolled out on the surface dusted with flour (I would say 2.5cm or 2 fingers high). Then cut the round scones and bake in a preheated oven (200C or Gas Mark 6) for 25-30 minutes or so, until beautifully golden.

 I think I'm going to go to the kitchen now and have another one... With a nice cup of tea. It's nearly 5 o'clock, right?

Monday, February 06, 2012

My new skincare regimen - seems to be working ok so far

Although I am currently fairly happy with the way my skin feels while using Chanel products, my search for that perfect skin care product range is still ongoing. For years I have been suffering from very dry and sensitive skin. Symptoms were quite typical for the dry skin - tightness, flaking around the cheeks, eye brows, chin and nose. I used to put tons of different moisturisers trying to remedy the dryness. It just did not work! To add to my trouble cleansers were either too drying or simply irritating my skin, any exfoliation would leave my skin red and simply sore.
Recently I decided to just get products from a premium range, having already spent quite a lot of money on various products that did not work I though what the hell, I'm worth it. I was wondering around John Lewis in a newly built Westfield shopping centre and stopped by the Chanel counter, I love Chanel's perfumes. So I asked a nice girl to recommend a good product for my troublesome skin. I walked away just under a 100 quid poorer but with a CHANEL SUBLIMAGE ESSENTIAL COMFORT Cleanser and a jar of CHANEL HYDRAMAX + ACTIVE Active Moisture Gel Cream. I was not feeling "mad" enough to buy two more products recommended to me at the time, so I asked which two are an absolute must, so I would try them out and buy the rest later on. Cleansing and moisturising surely are the most important steps in skin are regime so I went for just cleanser and moisturiser.
I could not wait to try them, and it was a very nice surprise for me to go to bed with such velvety happy skin, not a tight mask :) I did have a few dry skin patches over my eye brows in the morning, but that was nothing compared with what my face used to be like in the mornings before this first use of Chanel products. I have now been using my duo of products for over a month, so far so good, my skin is a lot happier. I'll write a bit more with an update on two extra products I recently purchased and incorporated into my daily beauty regimen.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Right, I am back here again after a long while. I have a few things to write about this time. I am getting skinnier as weeks go by, so far I really am pleased with the Weight Watchers lifestyle, it totally suits me. I do not feel deprived of food, if I crave anything I just have it - I am really committed to tracking everything I eat and that seems to work.
Me and Simon decided that we've had enough with waiting for our Expression of Interest to be drawn out of the pool, it really was a very stressful time having to wait for something to happen and not really having much hope. It was very much like being hung in the mid air. We could not make any plans for life. As much as it is sad to be giving up a dream of living in beautiful New Zealand, I feel that we now can live our lives and plan for the future - possibly "expanding" the family :). So, we are buying a new house! The conveyancers are working on the paperwork so hopefully in the next few weeks we will move to a nicer area and a bigger house. I simply cannot wait. For the last few weeks I have looked at hundreds of websites to inspire me, I have many very good ideas (at least I think they are good ideas :) At last, I hope, we will have a proper dining room in the house - no more eating from the lap whilst watching the telly.
It's been very hot and humid all day today - where's the thunderstorm we were promised?!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I'm back here again

Right, it's been a while since I looked at my own blog here, my DH Simon has suggested to me the other day that I should consider writing all of my thoughts down (I seem to have an awful lot of them lately). So here we go - today might be the day I make a start. I have no guarantee that I will be doing it regularly, but rather when I feel like it.

Firstly, I am so glad my lovely NHS nurse referred me to the Weight Watchers back in February. Since then I lost 7kg (almost 1st so far) and I am absolutely loving the new ProPoints system. It is so much more flexible than the old system. Both methods of weight watching worked well for me over the last couple of years. I will keep going.

Secondly, I feel quite happy at the moment; my mood seems to follow an "ups and downs" pattern, not to the extremes though. That's what being a woman like :) The latest thing which made me happy is... the perfume. It might sound really silly but I have finally found THE ONE brand I love. OMG, it's perfect. It's Amouage.

Well, it is time to stop for now. I have to think of something nice to cook for supper. DH says he likes my cooking (I like to think he really does).

I'll be back soon.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Weight and healthy living

It has been a week since I started to follow the Weightwatchers program. Or should I say, restarted, as I began this journey in May 2009 but had a break from around September. I managed to get a great result in about 5 months - minus 14kg, that's over 2 stones! I need to repeat that success, and then I will be back to my size 12 pre-marriage shape :) All I can say is that Weightwatchers lifestyle really works, and it is the best way to become healthy again!