Monday, February 06, 2012

My new skincare regimen - seems to be working ok so far

Although I am currently fairly happy with the way my skin feels while using Chanel products, my search for that perfect skin care product range is still ongoing. For years I have been suffering from very dry and sensitive skin. Symptoms were quite typical for the dry skin - tightness, flaking around the cheeks, eye brows, chin and nose. I used to put tons of different moisturisers trying to remedy the dryness. It just did not work! To add to my trouble cleansers were either too drying or simply irritating my skin, any exfoliation would leave my skin red and simply sore.
Recently I decided to just get products from a premium range, having already spent quite a lot of money on various products that did not work I though what the hell, I'm worth it. I was wondering around John Lewis in a newly built Westfield shopping centre and stopped by the Chanel counter, I love Chanel's perfumes. So I asked a nice girl to recommend a good product for my troublesome skin. I walked away just under a 100 quid poorer but with a CHANEL SUBLIMAGE ESSENTIAL COMFORT Cleanser and a jar of CHANEL HYDRAMAX + ACTIVE Active Moisture Gel Cream. I was not feeling "mad" enough to buy two more products recommended to me at the time, so I asked which two are an absolute must, so I would try them out and buy the rest later on. Cleansing and moisturising surely are the most important steps in skin are regime so I went for just cleanser and moisturiser.
I could not wait to try them, and it was a very nice surprise for me to go to bed with such velvety happy skin, not a tight mask :) I did have a few dry skin patches over my eye brows in the morning, but that was nothing compared with what my face used to be like in the mornings before this first use of Chanel products. I have now been using my duo of products for over a month, so far so good, my skin is a lot happier. I'll write a bit more with an update on two extra products I recently purchased and incorporated into my daily beauty regimen.