Saturday, June 18, 2005

Crazy seagull

This seagull was floating in the airflow that was created by our ferry for a long time.

Leaving Calais Posted by Hello

P&O Ferry in Calais port Posted by Hello

Calais Tower Posted by Hello

Calais Posted by Hello

Hoverspeed Posted by Hello

Town view Posted by Hello

Interior Posted by Hello

Fresco Posted by Hello

Dome Posted by Hello

Mary Posted by Hello

Inside of the Cathedral Posted by Hello

Ru de Lille Posted by Hello

Street Posted by Hello

Town Tower Posted by Hello

Court of Justice Posted by Hello

Ancient Wall Posted by Hello

Church Posted by Hello

Street of Boulogne Posted by Hello

Cliffs in a mist Posted by Hello

Seagull Posted by Hello

White cliffs Posted by Hello

Leaving Dover Posted by Hello

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Pictures and Videos

I am going to upload even more pictures and also some videos sometime in the near future. Tomorrow I am off to Boulogne, France. I want to make more pictures there.

Royal Observatory in Greenwich Posted by Hello

City Hall in London Posted by Hello

Louvre at night Posted by Hello