Monday, June 27, 2011

Right, I am back here again after a long while. I have a few things to write about this time. I am getting skinnier as weeks go by, so far I really am pleased with the Weight Watchers lifestyle, it totally suits me. I do not feel deprived of food, if I crave anything I just have it - I am really committed to tracking everything I eat and that seems to work.
Me and Simon decided that we've had enough with waiting for our Expression of Interest to be drawn out of the pool, it really was a very stressful time having to wait for something to happen and not really having much hope. It was very much like being hung in the mid air. We could not make any plans for life. As much as it is sad to be giving up a dream of living in beautiful New Zealand, I feel that we now can live our lives and plan for the future - possibly "expanding" the family :). So, we are buying a new house! The conveyancers are working on the paperwork so hopefully in the next few weeks we will move to a nicer area and a bigger house. I simply cannot wait. For the last few weeks I have looked at hundreds of websites to inspire me, I have many very good ideas (at least I think they are good ideas :) At last, I hope, we will have a proper dining room in the house - no more eating from the lap whilst watching the telly.
It's been very hot and humid all day today - where's the thunderstorm we were promised?!